New Retail Range

DLYT has added a new retail range to the menu for guests to take home and enjoy or to purchase for the ultimate gift or special occassion. Choose from delicious house-made products including Berry Jam, Hazelnut Praline, Autumn Granola and Valrhona dark chocolate bars. The Berry Jam is made from raspberries, strawberries and vanilla and is the perfect accompaniment to fresh croissants, fruit toast and freshly baked bread with a dollop of butter. The Hazelnut Praline is a jar with many uses and can be spread on almost anything or just eaten with a spoon. The Hazelnut Praline is made with hazelnut, almond, Valrhona milk chocolate, butter, caramel and vanilla. For all those chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! The Valrhona 100g chocolate bars are available in Jivara 40% milk and Guanaja 70% dark chocolate. The Autumn Granola is made from a range of nuts, seeds, grains and lots of crunch bits, and is the perfect way to start the day.