Event Catering

Serving a selection of delectable desserts created by DLYT is guaranteed to complete the culinary experience for your guests and make a lasting impression at your next event. DLYT offers desserts that are decadent, aesthetically beautiful, mouth-wateringly tasty and provide a unique and elegant dining experience. DLYT takes great pride in creating innovative desserts and craft these unique sweets with passion and expertise. Made with local fresh ingredients, and presented exquisitely, DLYT’s desserts offer the chance to indulge, providing individual desserts, packaged sweets, speciality cakes, canapés, dessert buffets, custom made goods, and plated desserts, ideal for any occasion or event. Choose from a range of delectable treats, selected with expertise. DLYT will adapt desserts to suit your desired menu, with balance and style in mind.

Large Cakes

DLTY’s variety of large cakes are handmade using the highest quality ingredients, and produced to DLYT’s own unique recipes. From simple classics to elaborate standouts.


DLYT caters for your corporate event with a selection of dessert canapés, branded packaged sweets for staff and clients to take home, or interactive dessert tables to complement any corporate event theme.


From moreish dessert jars, to a variety of handmade chocolates, lollypops and macarons, there’s a selection for every sweet tooth in DLYT’s decadent dessert canapé range!

Packaged sweets

DLYT creates a variety of packaged sweets that are perfect for many occasions, from branded retail items to favours for weddings and take-home gifts. DLYT’s gifts will leave a lasting impression.

Special Occasions

Be it a wedding, engagement, birthday, or baby shower, just to name a few, DLTY’s wide variety of dessert and sweet options offer the perfect way to add a unique touch to your next event.

Plated Desserts

 DLYT’s carefully crafted plated desserts and meticulous attention to every detail will make your event seamless, memorable, and oh so sweet!