As a premium wholesale dessert and pastry supplier, DLYT specialises in producing a wide variety of delicious sweet products, including individual and large cakes, tarts, slices, healthy desserts, packaged sweets and more. DLYT uses locally sourced ingredients to supply Melbourne’s best restaurants and cafes with delicious sweet items that customers keep coming back for more.

DLYT makes it easy for foodservice businesses to serve their customers delicious, professional cakes, tarts and other pastry products without the need for expensive equipment or skilled pastry chefs. Guaranteeing reliability and consistency, DLYT supplies a range of sweet products according to customer needs. DLYT has a modern production facility in which each unique product is lovingly handmade and packed to the highest standards. DLTY’s massive range of sweet products is sure to impress dessert lovers of all ages.

Please note:

  • All products may contain nuts, sesame seed, chicken egg, soy lecithin and gluten unless specified otherwise.
  • For free delivery, a minimum order of $100.00 applies to all orders.
  • Delivery days are Tuesday and Friday.



DLTY’s variety of individual and large cakes are handmade from scratch using the highest quality ingredients,and designed to ensure the ideal balance of flavours and textures.


DLYT creates a range of individual slices in a variety of classic and non-traditional flavours. Think Coconut Carbon Caramel Slice, Hazelnut Brownie Slice and our very own Snickers Bar.


DLTY’s éclairs are delicate choux pastry desserts, filled with flavoured creams and decorated with a variety of toppings to create the most stunning visual treats.


Using only the highest quality ingredients, DLYT’s tarts are created for maximum presentation and ease of serving. You’ll find DLYT’s versions of the old-time favourites plus more contemporary offerings.

Packaged Sweets

DLYT creates a variety of packaged sweets that are perfect for many occasions, from branded retail items to favours for weddings and take-home gifts. DLYT’s gifts will leave a lasting impression.


Silky layers of mousse and sponge coated in mirror glaze. Individual mouse caked are available in a variety of flavour combinations. Products are regularly updated with seasonal influences.

Healthy Sweets

DLTY offers an array of healthy sweets that go the extra mile in nutritious goodness, enticing flavours and attractive display, and accommodates dietary requirements including gluten, dairy and sugar free.