DLYT’s collective experience of more than a decade in hospitality, working with some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants, allows us to identify, develop and launch sweet food ranges and dessert menus that are suitable to our client’s establishment and that can help drive their core business or unlock new business opportunities. We work with clients to create products and menus that support their business’ day-to-day operation and deliver an on-going strategy to maintain smooth workflow with minimal staff labour.

DLYT understands that each client’s needs are different and therefore we will tailor a strategy to suit your business. DLYT believes in personalised service and will help you to ensure that your business needs are met.

Kitchen Design

DLYT will help you to plan the layout of your kitchen for streamlined functionality while taking into consideration budget, logistics, turnover expectations and menu. Having a well-planned kitchen allows for a comfortable working environment that can cater to your required capacity with ease, while also functioning harmoniously with other sections, depending on if the kitchen is used for purposes other than desserts/pastries.

Menu Development

DLYT can help with designing a new menu or updating an existing offer that suits your business. A well thought out, balanced and creative menu entices new customers and keeps regular clientele faithful. The menu requires a holistic approach, taking into account seasonality, pricing, costing and resources to ensure the desserts or sweet products are achievable.

Recipe Development

Good-quality recipes are at the forefront of a successful menu or outstanding products that customers will want to buy. DLYT will help you develop recipes while taking into account your space, equipment, budget labour skill, and can also assist with sourcing suitable suppliers and produce.

Products / Range Development

DLYT will assist you to develop new innovative products that tie in with your business. Food trends move fast, but more important is ensuring your products are true to your brand. Product Development begins with a concept and understanding your core business, while ensuring that all aspects such as menu, service and/or packaging, and visual merchandising all communicate what your business is about.

Recipe Costing

DLYT offers advice on product costings, margins, wholesale rates and recommended retail prices that allow you to maintain your profitability. If the costing framework is in place from the beginning, food cost should fall in line once the systems are bedded in. Keeping tabs on food cost is critical. Taking a timely and holistic approach can help bring costs into line within a shorter timeframe.

Equipment Advice

DLYT can give you advice and recommendations on the best types of kitchen equipment and appliances for your kitchen depending on your needs. Having worked in a fast range of kitchens over the past decade, we have had the privilege of working with many different types of kitchen equipment and appliances, from the basic to the most complex.