Citrus Tart August Dessert Special

Winter isn’t all that bad! When the chilly season gives you lemons, make…well, lemon tart! Aussie citrus is at its zesty best this season, and all the more reason to use beautiful produce such as oranges, lemons, mandarins, blood oranges, grapefruit and more to create something sweet and scrumptious.

Our lemon tarts are absolutely delicious and the perfect dessert to indulge in this winter. For the month of August, we’ve got freshly-made large lemon tart to share, or if you want a treat all to yourself, we have individual lemon tarts that will hit the sweet spot. Made with buttery sweet pastry, lemon and brown butter curd, creamy Swiss meringue, pastry crumb, white chocolate and lemon zest, we won’t be surprised if you come back for more!

Beat the winter chill and come get your sweet fix in store. Our tasty lemon tarts are available throughout August, and be sure to stay tuned, as we have a different dessert special to offer every month.