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Don’t Lose Your Temper (DLYT) specialises in creating the finest desserts and gourmet sandwiches that reflect a commitment to originality, the highest quality, and the celebration of taste. The name references the art of tempering chocolate – a skill involving the careful agitation and precise temperature control of cocoa butter to align the chocolate’s various fats for a shiny and smooth bite. Owned by chefs Anthony Hart and Michael Furness, the team is dedicated to creating high-end products that have their own unique identity and that customers will keep coming back for. Also supplying wholesale artisan desserts and sweet products to cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, every concept is conceived and created to bring to life a quality product that suits each individual’s style and needs. DLTY also caters for special occasions and corporate events offering beautiful custom made sweets and dessert buffet tables guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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256 Johnston Street,
Fitzroy VIC 3065


e: info@dontloseyourtemper.com.au
p: 03 9973 1134